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Jake Gyllenhaal id a professor who finds that he has an exact double living in his city, with a wife that looks considerably like his girlfriend. But not all is what it seems. This is a beautifully-shot, well-acted and fascinating movie that will give you a lot to talk about and unravel. Thing is, once you do unravel it, the reality is pretty pedestrian, making the unraveling the best thing about it.

The new, goofy Marvel movie is funny, fast-paced and includes a staggering amount of amazing visuals, all gorgeously rendered. It's good! Only... I was ready for it to end halfway through. The story is absolutely incomprehensible, there are far more characters and subplots than one can follow, and I soon got so overwhelmed by the visuals and unending twists I just shut down.

Well, it has an unusual premise, and is an unusual movie. Unusual in that it bills itself as a revenge action pic, but there is precious little action and no revenge. Our heroine ingests a bunch of drug that opens up her mind, making her invincible from 30 minutes in, while also removing any tension or suspense. She merely grows more powerful throughout the film, having lost all interest in revenge, which makes for a somewhat uninvolving, if unusual, film.

Fresh off Speed [the movie, that is], Keanu Reeves went on to star in this, which was billed as another action extravaganza and failed miserably due to being, well, awful. This is the only film directed by painter Robert Longo and is adapted [with a script by] cyberpunk creator William Gibson. This is not without amusement, and is filled with good ideas, none of which are developed enough to be of much interest.

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Moviegoers in Harm's Way

There has been a spike in movies this summer that depict mass destruction and skyscrapers toppling, yet we rarely if ever see a dead body or even any blood. What effect does this have on moviegoers, and what does it tell us about the way filmmakers view their audience?

Enthralling Videocast

The Birds: Explained!

Here you will encounter my answer to the enduring question about this film: Why do the birds attack? I point out that if you pay attention to the non-attack material, you can see that the bird attacks are the physical manifestation of the mother's rage against rival's for her son's affection.

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It's heartening to see you using a popular/populist form, working in informal and often very funny language, to offer commentary on serious cultural problems.

-- Tom

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