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The new Christopher Nolan film continues his tradition of making films that present themselves as serious, thought-provoking films that are actually just extremely solemn escapist entertainments. It's time for humans to leave Earth, so Matthew McConaughey and friends travel through a wormhole to other potentially habitable planets. It has a lot to recommend it and is fun while it lasts [and it does last] but doesn't leave you with much after its gratingly pat conclusion.

Jason Schwarztman plays a young novelist who seems to think that part of his job description includes being an arrogant prick. He has an enablingly nice girlfriend in Elizabeth Moss and an enabling older crotchety arrogant prick mentor in Jonathan Pryce. It all sounds like perfect casting and a recipe for fun... but it just isn't very funny, is haphazardly told and a narrator talks over everything.

This film, about a creepy man who starts filming gory violent footage to sell to TV news, then starts going over the line, is one of the bigger disappointments of the Fall. Gyllenhall is creepy here, sure, but the film leaves him little to do but get creepier and creepier, while none of the other characters are fleshed out. The relationships ring false, the subject is shopworn, and the film has little new or interesting to say.

This documentary sounded really interesting: a bunch of scientists and artists take a three-masted schooner up to explore areas of Greenland that have been hidden under glaciers for thousands of years, but are exposed now, due to climate change. Thing is, the participants turn out to be a bunch of blathering gasbags who can only churn out the most banal of observations [although fun can be had hating them], and you know what was from under the ice for eons? Pretty much nothing.

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Moviegoers in Harm's Way

There has been a spike in movies this summer that depict mass destruction and skyscrapers toppling, yet we rarely if ever see a dead body or even any blood. What effect does this have on moviegoers, and what does it tell us about the way filmmakers view their audience?

Enthralling Videocast

The Birds: Explained!

Here you will encounter my answer to the enduring question about this film: Why do the birds attack? I point out that if you pay attention to the non-attack material, you can see that the bird attacks are the physical manifestation of the mother's rage against rival's for her son's affection.

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