Argorecommended viewing

You buy the premise, you buy the plot
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Clea Duvall
The Setup: 
Guy invents fake Hollywood film to get hostages out of Iran.

It was the Friday before Hurricane Sandy arrived, and the subways were going to shut down the next day, and I was sitting in my apartment at 8pm when suddenly I said: "What am I doing? I need to get OUT of this apartment while I can!" (I ended up stuck there for the following eight days.) And what I ended up doing is going to see Argo.

This movie is directed by and stars Ben Affleck, and concerns a plan to rescue seven people hiding out in Iran, separate from the whole big 70s hostage drama that made greater news. Affleck turns out to be a very effective director, and the opening infiltration of the embassy is extremely exciting, and the rest of the movie wildly entertaining. Even though you know the ending, you are drawn in and held in suspense, as we enjoy nice shots like a plane slowly moving aside to reveal cars in chase. The characters are engaging, there are surprises and twists, and the whole thing is just darn fine entertainment--so all-round good one is tempted to knock it, or distrust it.

The ploy that they think of to get the hostages out is that they're making a schlocky sci-fi film, making one hope that there might be a bit more comment on movies versus politics in terms of creating narratives and selling illusions, but it only goes so far. Which is fine, because the rest if the movie is just a plain old good movie.

Should you watch it: