Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay

Lesbi friends
Bruno Gantillon
Dominique Delpierre, Mireille Saunin, Alfred Baillou, Michele Perello
The Setup: 
Young woman finds herself being ensnared in a strange coven of beautiful ladies.

Ah, those sensual young women, what naughty nymphs they are! Always wearing those diaphanous robes and gently caressing each other! At least that's how it is in this would-be horror movie, but it comes off more like the most softcore Massengill commercial you've ever seen, and it left me feeling not so fresh.

I don't have the slightest idea how this came to be in my queue. I think I just threw a bunch of wild-sounding stuff on my list, back in the day, and this finally came up. Plus the title is pretty hard to resist, although I think if I had thought for a second more I would have been able to resist, because it sounds like pretty much exactly what it is, which is lesbian softcore. Am I interested in lesbian softcore? Not really. But I watched it anyway. SEE how open-minded I am?

There is no waiting for nubile flesh as the first shot is of a nude young woman, who is being held by a bunch of other, older and craggy women, and it is decided that she should be exiled, which causes her to scream. Next we have our credits, which feature a rather jazzy little guitar piece as we see two young women, Francoise and Anna, traveling along in their car. They are twenty year old art students on vacation, who want to get careers drawing comics (?). You'll note that this movie is French, so it has a much different feeling than the typical kind of stuff like this from Italy. They stop in a small tavern filled with older men, who all stare at them. The proprietor tells them to turn back immediately and don't go through the village, but of course they don't listen. They toast to vacations... and love.

So they're driving along in the darkness and it seems that they keep passing the same things over and over. Then the car runs out of gas. Then they find a little barn and go in to sleep, bedding down in the hay. Then Anna is feeling sensual, so they kiss and have some mild softcore to the sound of frogs. Yeah, not kidding.

In the morning, Anna is gone, and Francoise sees this hunchbacked dwarf she noticed at the tavern. He says he'll lead her to Anna, and she follows him into the woods. Deep into the woods. Then they come to a little boat that is festooned with flowers. Francoise gets in it and it starts moving, of it's own accord, across the water to this castle on the other side. She doesn't seem to find any of this strange. Once having crossed, she is met by three beautiful but affectless women in sheer diaphanous dresses, and follows them inside. There she meets Morgane, beautiful woman who is not all that forthcoming with information. Francoise stands nude, bathed in milk by the three maidens, also not really seeming to find any of this too far out of the ordinary. Who knows, maybe strangers bathe her in milk all the time.

Meanwhile Gurth, the dwarf, talks to himself in the mirror, dreaming of the day when he will be in command. Then they give Francoise a sheer dress like the other ladies, which she takes in stride, and she is served a meal, which consists of fruit and wine as red as Kool-Aid. Once more, Morgane is not too forthcoming with info about what might be going on, and then it's suddenly night, and then they make Francoise smoke and drug her.

While she's out, we see that Anna is tied up, rather insecurely, with this ribbon contraption downstairs. Morgane asks her to give up her soul in exchange for everlasting beauty and immortality, and after a little whiffle-waffling, she agrees. Meanwhile, Anna tries to escape. She jumps in the water and swims across, her hair mysteriously dry when she gets out. But everywhere she goes, Morgane is there, and she is eventually brought back.

Now we join the three main girl slaves, who are worried that Morgane is going to pick Francoise as her new favorite, and one of them will be replaced. So they talk to Gurth, who is also beginning to suspect that Morgane is never going to let him be in charge, and they all collude to help Francoise escape. They tell her about these three talismans, a necklace, a tunic, a sphere, that collectively will break the spell. We also see all the old women hanging around downstairs, who are the former girl slaves who displeased Morgane. Why, it really is a whole micro-ecosystem.

So Francoise takes possession of the talismans during the big love fest, where we have much dancing and a great deal of lesbian softcore, and which I largely fast-forwarded through. It does go on and on. Who knows, maybe if you're straight it would be interesting. Anyway, Francoise escapes once more, able to take the boat this time, and is once more confronted with Morgane in the woods everywhere she turns. It goes on, and on. Finally, Morgane takes Francoise and leads her to the barn, where she looks in the window and sees--herself and Anna sleeping! Why, I believe it was ALL a DREAM! Which makes me sure glad I sat through it all.

There is a little article about the film on the disc, and it says that the writer-director, Bruno Gantillon, started a TV variety show that also had music performances and for a while became the height of music and fashion in France. He wanted to direct a film, but had no experience, so it was suggested that he make a short film. He did, then he made this, because he wanted to work with Dominique Delpierre in a movie that was supposed to be next, for which this one was supposed to be a warm-up. It gives no word of whether he ever went on to make that film, but his filmography on IMDb shows a bunch more titles, some of which seem to also be erotic little, um, things. There seems to be a hint of confusion over why he never went serious, as it seemed that he was headed toward, but just continued making softcore. Maybe he just likes boobs.

This one, well, almost all the fun here is in looking at nubile naked women and thinking about how very sensual they are, what delicate little nymphs they are, how they're always up for a little girl-on-girl when they hear the frogs croak, and so I am definitely not the target audience. Other than that, there's not all that much to offer. It has a languid, dreamlike atmosphere, but you know, a Vicodin and a glass of wine would handle that for me. Suffice to say I got pretty much nothing out of this movie, which is why it's curious to me in retrospect that I should have watched the whole thing (there was liberal fast-forwarding) and have written this not-short review. Ah well, there's something about it? Who knows. But let's just say that if you like to see naked ladies you'll find it a lot more interesting.

Should you watch it: 

I wouldn't, unless you're straight, and even then...