I Drink Your Blood

What a difference an enterprising kid can make
David E. Durston
Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, Riley Mills, Iris Brooks, Rhonda Fultz
The Setup: 
Pissed that a bunch of hippies raped his sister and drugged his Grandpa, a kid feeds them meat pies laced with rabies.

I found some horror website where the people were going “Don’t just rent this movie, buy it right now!” and that kind of passion always gets me interested. Not to mention the presence of satanist hippies and a band of construction workers, many said to be in states of undress. That gets me interested, too.

The movie opens with a meeting of the Sons and Daughters of Satan [SADOS], these hippies led by Horace, the sadistic, psychotic Native American. They give a big speech, witnessed by Sylvia, whose boyfriend wanted to join the group for this ritual. She is discovered and gang raped [not shown]. I was congratulating the movie for its taste in not showing the rape, but I had to take it back later when another rape is shown in sadistic detail.

So Sylvia wanders home, and her Grandpa get all pissed and goes to have a word with those hippies, now living in the abandoned hotel. One of the weirder sequences is this MESSED-UP rat hunt they enact upon entering the hotel. Anyway, the hippies are not receptive to Grandpa’s arguments, and they beat him and give him LSD. He goes home and apparently has wild hallucinations, unfortunately not shown.

Meanwhile there is a funny scene in which another part of the clan, a woman who looks almost exactly like Sylvia [it’s confusing], goes to tell her boyfriend, the cop with the hairy chest, what’s happened. They meet, get in the car, and start making out. And you’re like “Hi, didn’t your sister or daughter just get gang-raped or something?” Then she says “I’m very upset!” and they stop kissing and get back OUT of the car. It’s a little funny, but I guess one has to have one’s priorities.

So this little kid, Pete, who is somewhere between 11-14, fights off the lead hippie with his bare hands and rescues his grandpa. I’m like; “are we watching a fucked-up version of The Goonies?” Or some other young adult adventure? The enterprising little tyke goes out and shoots a rabid dog, and injects the meat pies [the specialty in the town bakery and apparently the only thing the town has available to eat] and sells them to the hippies.

The hippies, whose satanist rituals apparently consist of little beyond each of them getting a turn to make a big dramatic speech in front of the group [it’s a little like a satanist improv class] with the occasional hanging/mutilation thrown in for verisimilitude, start getting sick. They figure out that it was the kid [and you’re like “Awesome! Way to go, kid!”] but get too sick to do anything. The don’t exactly die, they just turn really murderous and violent, including the second, really brutal rape in which the guy forces the woman under a shower while he assaults her.

Speaking of rape, Sylvia, who has now recovered, isn’t really bitter that her boyfriend got her into that mess and didn’t lift a finger to help her when he could have. Oh, and did I mention the presence of a huge horde of construction workers, working on a huge dam or something [not shown]? Yep, they’re there—and seem to make up the majority of the town’s inhabitants—and soon enough they’re infected, leading to the spectacle of marauding hordes of rabid, uh, construction workers. At least many of them had the courtesy to remove their shirts.

Anyway, it gets really gory until the end. The disc itself, from Fangora, shows a real affection for the film, which is nice. The menu contains references to all the key scenes and speeches, and an utterance of “Oh my God!” that sounds upon hitting play does indeed prove to be one of the highlights within the context of the film. There are also a bunch of trailers from other movies, and deleted scenes, in which we have an extended version of Grandpa’s LSD freak-out [still no hallucinations] and we see Pete try to confess to two cops, who don’t believe he could have done anything.

The trailer for this film is a bit amusing as well. There is a moment in the film where a woman directs a garden hose at the hippies, and in the trailer, the voice-over says “What acts of horror will be committed with this axe? This knife? This pitchfork? This hose? This pistol?…” The trailer also is for the other film on this release’s original double-feature, the previously-reviewed I Eat Your Skin, which would definitely follow the classic double-feature “One decent, one lame” structure. In fact, apparently the other film was renamed as I Eat Your Skin JUST to be paired with the title of this film. Not really worth knowing, but it gave me a little kick, having seen the other movie. Whatever.

Should you watch it: 

If you like really silly, gory exploitation trash.