CdM is Moving to Chicago!

16 years in New York is enough


After 16 years here, I am moving to Chicago this week. I will certainly miss the availability and variety of films here, and the museums and art scene, but ultimately, New York is simply no longer the city I wanted to live in. I am looking forward to a higher quality of life and I certainly won't be sorry to encounter some friendlier people. But the New York perspective of this site will be a thing of the past.

So please be patient with updates... I am moving this week and hope to be back online by 10/21.

Perhaps you have noticed that the commenting on this site has not been working for a while. What happened is that I get approximately 50 spam comments PER MINUTE, and eventually they overloaded and crashed the commenting system, and I don't have the resources at the moment to get it back online. The Contact Form is also no longer working.

But I miss hearing from all of you, so if you like, please write me at

Thank you for your continued reading of the site and we'll talk again once I've moved.

Best wishes--