It's a Brand New Cinema de Merde!

Site completely rebuilt to fix features and reduce downtime
The Setup: 

It may not look very different, but you are on an entirely-rebuilt Cinema de Merde, with several new features, and lots of changes under the hood which will reduce frustrating site downtime. I’m going to tell you about the new features, and then I have a message for my loyal readers, if you’ve been sticking with me through some shaky times!

New Features:

COMMENTS ARE FIXED. After YEARS, comments are once again working! Short version: I got overwhelmed by spam [literally 50 spam comments per MINUTE] and it eventually crashed the whole system. So please comment and contact me again! I missed hearing from you!

NO MORE DOWNTIME. The entire site has been rebuilt from the ground up to bring it technologically up to date, and also make it harder to hack, both of which should reduce times when the entire site goes down [which, somehow, is inevitably when I’m on vacation].

MORE RANDOM FUN. My developer had the super-fun idea to put four random pics and taglines at the bottom of every page, so there’s always some new crazy movie pic everywhere you turn. What’s more, now EVERY image on the site is thrown into the random mix, whereas before it was just ONE pic per film.

MORE RECENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Now at the bottom of “Recently Added” and “Random Recommendation” is a link that says “More…” When you click it, you’ll be able to see a) a list of everything that has been added to the site, from newest to oldest, and b) a list of all recommended films.

NEW RESPONSIVE DESIGN. The site is now responsive, meaning that it rearranges itself depending on the size of screen you’re using, making it much more friendly to mobile devices.

SEARCH WORKS AGAIN. So now you can, you know, search!

So there you are, get going and use it!

Hi there! First off, THANK YOU for continuing to read my site over the past few rocky years! I know that updates have become less frequent, and the site has gone down for long periods at a time, so if you’re still checking back, I really appreciate it.

It was a particular priority for me to get comments working again, because I found that a big part of my motivation to continue with the site is hearing from you and knowing that people out there are reading it. Without them, I sort of fell into the feeling that I was writing into a vacuum, that no one was reading my stuff, and that was very demoralizing. Then with the downtime and decreased updates, after a while I began to feel like there must be no one left out there looking at the site at all.

Another big change has been moving to Chicago, which completely upended my whole routine. Basically, when I was in NYC, I had 45 minutes each day on the subway, which became my writing time. And it worked great, to have that time every day with nothing to do but write. When I moved here, I got a job working from home, where I had to schedule my own day, and thus it was up to me to consciously take time out to write reviews. Which just became harder… I have to stop working, or make time in the evening to write, and my output drastically dropped. There began to be more and more films that I felt I had nothing to say about, and thus wouldn’t write anything, whereas before, I had that daily writing time and would usually FIND something to say while writing.

Thirdly, after ten years, I’m just kind of sick of watching movies! I just want to do something else with my evenings. Like read, or go out, or paint. I find I don’t care about bad movies much anymore… I saw a lot of them, and I kind of get it. I obviously still love movies, but I just need to have some more balance. This site has always been a labor of love—I don’t make any money from this site—and I need to find new ways to keep it that way.

So when I talked to my friend the developer [who made the site] and was facing an expense of thousands of dollars to remake the site, I told him I was really thinking maybe it was just time for the site to die. Or letting it stay up but as a kind of historical artifact, without any new updates. He had some moving encouraging words for me, and I do love the site, and the rare group of really intelligent readers it has attracted over the years, and there’s no danger I’m going to stop watching movies altogether… so I decided to re-commit to it, and here we are.

Still, I think we can all expect some changes. I’m not sure what they’ll be [probably fewer updates, more carefully-selected older films, more films in theaters], but my challenge is to find a way to keep this interesting for myself [and for you!] as we go on. My life is in a very different place from when I started this site, with different reasons to keep this site going, and I hope you’ll continue to stay as it evolves to be… whatever it continues to be.

Thanks again—


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