Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated

Mike Schneider
Various Visual Artists
The Setup: 
Artists reinterpret the classic horror film.

What do you get the NOTLD fan that has everything? Why not this, where a bunch of artists were invited to submit art that reinterprets the legendary horror film? Then the original audio of the film is synched to their artwork, so you just watch this artistic collection in the same way you'd watch the film?

This sounded very interesting to me. It starts well enough, with a mix of animation and cartoons and comics, etc., that can vary from shot to shot, accompanied by the dialogue and audio from the original film. And for a while it's really fascinating, as you can readily tell which shots really resonated with the artists [there might be quite a few artworks depicting the same moment] and which ones didn't [there might be lengthy stretches with the same kind of art or animation]. Also, there are some striking artworks that make you think "Oh, I don't remember that shot" or "I didn't see it that way," so you might [as I did] go back and watch the same part of the original film.

In my case, this period lasted for 20 minutes. Then you start to think "You know, there are a lot of stretches with the same kind of art or animation," [like these gray cutout shapes with white paintstrokes, below]. And then you might start to think "You know, some of this art is much better than others, but none of it is really THAT GREAT." Because essentially the best pieces are in the graphic novel or charcoal drawing tradition, which are nice, but... still... And then that makes you wonder how widely the filmmakers spread their net for artists, because it looks like maybe they exclusively trolled for artists in comics and horror venues [or maybe those are the only artists that responded?].

And then you start to think how perhaps the unfortunate influence of Andy Warhol is that since then, ANY scrawl can be "art."

As with any art show, you have some pieces that are appealing and display great talent, and some that you look at and think "WTF?" Like, there are large sections here that I'm going to guess are from a zombie-based video game that never got off the ground, so the artist thought they might just re-purpose scenes here, since the characters look nothing like the characters from the film, and the action taking place only superficially resembles the action of the film.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes, I started fast-forwarding. And then I started fast-forwarding at higher speed. And then I realized that I wasn't really missing much of anything. And then I turned it off before I had even made it to the end.

So, a nice little something for the hugest NOTLD fan ever, but a curiosity of only passing interest to anyone else. Neat idea, though.

Should you watch it: 

Only if you are the biggest fan of the original film that ever existed.