SS Hell Camp

Oh, you don't like bumpkins? How would you feel about a sex dwarf?
Luigi Batzella
Macha Magall, Gino Turini, Edilio Kim, Xiro Papas, Salvatore Baccaro
The Setup: 
Sexual sadism is the name of the game as a bunch of Nazis go around being as venal as they can possibly be.

I had always been somewhat curious in what goes on in the notorious Ilsa [she-wolf of the SS] series, so when I saw this Ilsa rip-off [with some glowering uniformed sadist, not in the film] on the cover, I thought I’d check it out.

Now the problem with exploitation films and me is that when I first get it I fast-forward through the first parts to see if there’s anyone hot in it, and to get a preview of what happens. The problem with this is that most of these films turn out to be, well, crap, obviously, but also disappointing in the titillation department. Which means that once I’ve gotten my preview, I kind of dread going back and watching the entire thing. That resulted on this one languishing in my apartment for more than a week before I finally set aside some time to watch it, and even then I was not looking forward to it. I am happy to report, however, that it has entertainment value that made my time expenditure worthwhile—at least until things got too repulsive.

It would seem that our Ilsa stand-in, Doctor Kratsch [sounds like Crash, and amusingly, Trash], our requisite icy blond Nazi, is conducting experiments to increase the virility of this little dwarf she keeps naked in a cage. She claims that these experiments are stupendously important. Often. So in the first scene she brings in this virgin [a little old to be a virgin if you ask me, but times have changed] and tosses him into the dwarf’s cage. He rapes her [shown by him grabbing at her and bouncing up and down], until she’s dead, at which point he cums. And we’re off!

So anyway, like I said, toward the beginning this thing has a lot of entertainment value. The icy blond Nazi is hilarious with her overdone venality and lip-smacking evil glaring and glowering and tormenting. Then you have a bunch of Italians [some quite swarthy, hairy, and hot], trying to look like rural Germans. All of them are badly dubbed, especially funny in the case of the German resistance, as they’ve been dubbed with extremely broad Brooklyn accents. One of them says to a woman who rebuffs him: “Oh, you don’t like bumpkins?” All in all, quite a hoot and much more worth watching than I expected.

However, soon to the atrocities. I didn’t mind the baby being thrown up into the air and machine gunned [because you know, babies, whatever]. The man putting a gun to a woman’s vagina and pulling the trigger I could do without, but by the time we’re seeing women tied up with blood streaming out of their vaginas, I was no longer on board. Then it gets worse. We see a woman’s nails being pulled out, a whole room of torture [which I fast-forwarded through, but it was still nasty], and then the kicker, for me, which was when the dwarf starts pulling the pubic hair out of this woman in his cage. Only, he doesn’t just pull out the hair, whole chunks of skin come off with it [which he eats, btw], giving us several detailed shots of her mutilated pussy. It’s that that point where one starts queasily feeling like “WHY did I want to see this?” And this leads to all sorts of unpleasant self-reflections probably best saved for analysis, not some crap exploitation DVD.

So toward the end the rebels raid the encampment [aided by a great deal of poorly-matched stock war footage], and justice is served. I have to say I found the conclusion, in which there is a bit of recompense for the evil a certain character has doled out, to be rather powerful and compelling. It actually makes one consider that there may have been something more compelling than simple exploitation to the desire to make this film; a leftover rage against the Nazis and a desire for revenge against them for their occupation. It may be true, but the rest of the movie is gleefully wallowing in their venality.

Should you watch it: 

It actually has some level of interest to it, but it does go a little far for me in the sexual torture department.