Cinema de Merde Kindle eBooks

Just like this site, only on a Kindle!

Hey there!

So a little project of mine lately is to turn this website into a series of ebooks for Amazon Kindle. I mentioned it in a review a few weeks ago, and some of you expressed interest—so here we are!

Each book is $2.99 and contains ten reviews, around a theme such as “Early Gay Films” or “Bad Sci-Fi Movies” or things like that. I’ll be honest with you, there’s nothing in these books that isn’t available for free right here on this site, but hey, if you want to give a gift or, well, who knows why you might want one, but they’re available! I have 12 available so far, and my free time right now is [largely] occupied with editing and preparing more.

Available so far:

Obscure Blaxploitation Films
Horror Comedy
Movies So Bad, They’re Bad
Bad Sci-Fi Movies
Silly Serial Killers
Action Movie Howlers
Quintessentially 70s Movies
Unwanted Sequels
Time Travel Films
HUH? Horror
Early Gay Films
Disaster Films

If you can't find them through the above links, just search "Scott Telek" as author and you'll find them.

So there you are—if you want ‘em, have at ‘em! If you are moved to write a review on Amazon, I’d be appreciative and delighted! Thanks again for reading the site, and as always, any comment or suggestion is welcome!




Just fyi, the Amazon pages say the titles are not available for purchase, and you can't share on tumblr about this.

Are you outside the US? I only linked to the US editions.
They have been selling, so I they should work...
I'll look into it, thanks.

I'm in Portugal, Europe.

First of all... I didn't know you were in Portugal! Sound exotic to me, but I'm sure is everyday for you.
The books are only available in US, UK, and Canada, unfortunately.
The reason for this is that I thought it was important that they include pictures, and only those countries have a "Fair Use" law that allows copyrighted material to be used in reviews, and I thought it would be fine to limit them to English-language countries as well... sorry if this is a disappointment!