The Onion AV Club
Also features thoughtful reviews of new movies and videos, with special features on bad movies and funny reviews of DVD commentary tracks for movies that don’t deserve them. You also get good book and music reviews, interviews, as well as The Onion, which is hilarious. is a website to the detriment of good film. For people who love b-movies.

The Sci-Fi Movie Page features sci-fi movie and DVD reviews, scripts, photos, trailers and clips, photos, news about upcoming movies.

The Movie Spoiler
Want to know the “shocking twist ending” of the thriller of the week, but don’t think it’s worth sitting through [let alone shelling out] for the movie? This site has complete synopses of most current movies.
Nice site of very in-depth reviews and scholarly analysis of the greatest movies of all time, including very detailed synopses and accurate dialogue.

Internet Movie Database
You MUST know about this, don’t you? Tell me you do. Incredibly comprehensive repository of information on almost every movie, allowing you to search by director, star, etc., with reviews written by the average user, which I like to get a “average joe” view of how a movie is being received. Big Picture Big Sound
Very comprehensive site of movie, DVD, and home theater reviews, news, and links.

I Am Bored
A bunch of fun links to interesting things for whenever you’re bored.  

VHS Wasteland
A really fun collection of VHS movie covers of yesteryear.

CheesyFlix is the very best location for MST3K Episodes, thousands of Cheesy Movies and Old Time Radio!